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Kits Detail:


  • Edition/Certificate: Open Edition / With COA
  • Kit's Name: Sophie
  • Sculptor / Company: Ann Timmerman / Puppen-Traumland
  • Finished Size: 22" / Head Circumference: 14.4" (36.5cm)
  • Eye Size: 20mm (Not Included)
  • Limbs: Full Arms, Full Legs
  • You Will Receive: 1 x Head, 2 x Arms, 2 x Legs
  • Extras (Optional): Non-Jointed Flesh Suede Body can be added
  • Total Price: £74.88
  • Status: Out Of Stock

Sophie will come to you as an unpainted vinyl 'kit' that will require the full reborning process. These pictures are of how this beautiful sculpt could look like once reborn.

Sophie Doll Kit By Ann Timmerman - 22"

Out of Stock
  • Puppen-Traumland Production, Made in Germany

    When finished Sophie will be a 22" Big Baby with Full Arms and Full Legs. Head Circumference approx: 14.4" (35.5cm).
    Sophie Kit requires 20mm eyes (Not Included).

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