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Kit Details:


  • Edition /Certificate: LE 500 Standing Vito and LE 850 Seated Vito / With numbered COA
  • Kit's Name: Vito
  • Sculptor / Company: Laura Tuzio Ross
  • Finished Size: 30"
  • Head Circumference: 17.5"
  • Shoes Size: 5 for seated version / 3 for standing version
  • Eyes Size: 24mm (Not Included)
  • Cloth Body: Included
  • Armature for Standing Verison: Can Be add
  • Limbs: Full Arms, Full Standing Straight or Bending Legs
  • You Will Receive: 1x Head, 2x Arms, 2x Legs, cloth body
  • Total Price: £148.88 (Free UK Delivery)
  • Status: In Stock


Vito will come to you as an unpainted vinyl 'kit' that will require the full reborning process. These pictures are of how this beautiful sculpt could look like once reborn.

Vito Doll Kit By Laura Tuzio Ross - 30"

  • Limited Edition Kits
    LE 500 Standing Vito and LE 850 Sitting Vito

    Vito is 30 inch toddler (1 year old), and will be available in TWO versions. SEATED OR STANDING. Both versions have unique cloth bodies that come with your kit.

    -Out Of Stock- **SEATED Version: Has new limbs. Shoes size 5 for the seated version.

    **STANDING Version: Use Suzon Kit limbs from years ago. Custom size Jeton ball armatures for the standing kit will only be available during the preorder and will not be extra to purchase after the kit comes in. Shoes size 3 for the standing version.

    When finished, Vito will be a 29-31 inches toddler depending on stuffing and armature. Full arms and full standing / sitting Legs. Comes with Cloth Body. The Armature for the standing version is not included and can be added to your order for £28. This Jeton Ball Custom Armature is easy to insert, not tools necessary. Comes with a numbered certificate.

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