Doll Details:


  • Finished By: Sto Dolls
  • Size: 5.5"/14cm
  • Skin colour: White
  • Eye Size: 10mm
  • Eyelashes: No
  • Wig: Yes
  • Wig Size: 5-6"
  • Head Material: Resin
  • Body: 17 joints Sto Doll PVC body (Legs are 5 mm taller than obitsu11, but joints are stronger)
  • Outfit: Yes
  • Shoes: Yes
  • Socks: No
  • Total Price: £128.88
  • Status: In Stock


Sleepy Eggy is a 14cm mini-doll with a resin head and 17 jointed PVC body. The head can be open at the back to change eyes.

[White] Sleepy Eggy Completed Full Set Doll - Girl

  • The full set completed doll which included:

    • A head with eyes and make-up by Sto Doll Company
    • A 17 joints PVC body
    • A Mohair Wig
    • 2-pieces Outfit Set
    • A pair of Socks
    • A pair of Shoes
    • Sto Doll Metal Head Storage Box
    • Authentic certificate