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Doll Kit Details:


  • Size: 5.7"/14.5cm
  • Skin colour: White
  • Eye Size: 10mm (Not Included)
  • Wig Size: 5-6" (Not Included)
  • Head Material: Resin
  • Body: Optional 17 joints Sto Doll PVC body (Legs are 5 mm taller than obitsu11, but joints are stronger)
  • Total Price: £34.88
  • Status: Status: In Stock


The head can be open at the back to change eyes easily.

DuDu Un-painted / Blank Sto Doll Kit Set [White]

  • This list is for an unpainted blank resin head only. An optional 17 joints Sto Doll PVC body can be added.

    Comes with Sto Doll Metal Head Storage Box and authentic certificate.

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